Ducted Systems

New home installation, existing home or replacement ducted air conditioning, we can design a solution to suit your needs. With a choice of product and technologies, we can ensure a tailored design for your home. Zone control technology can assist in lower running costs by dividing your home into separate zones, which can be activated or deactivated depending on their occupation. You have the ability to maintain the whole house’s temperature with a touch of a button. The latest Wi-Fi controlled systems make these solutions easy and affordable.

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We install and service the leading brands in ducted air conditioning systems. Ensuring that you have the best on offer so you can relax and enjoy, knowing that your air conditioning system is in good hands.

  • Most effective temperature control system.
  • Little to no noise.
  • Takes up no space.
  • Control over individual room temperatures.
  • Additional control given to the consumer, you are able to keep costs lower over the long term when comparing to the split system.
  • Unobtrusive system, as you don't see a large air conditioning system getting in the way of your living space.
  • Achieve ideal air flow with a ducted system, and maximise temperature control centrally through one panel.
  • With our high quality brands, they are extremely quiet to ensure it won't affect your living quality. So you can still sleep soundly without disruptions.