Split Systems

Split systems are available from a wide range of manufacturers, including Panasonic, Mitsubishi, Samsung, Electrolux, Lennox, LG, Haier and Toshiba, and many more. As Precision Control Air is not tied to any one manufacturer, we can recommend the best product for your application. We provide advice and knowledge to ensure you have the right product, in the right location, to service your needs in the most economical way. This refers to, how our team carefully examines your property which in turn will give you options for the best possible cooling and heating solutions.

Our air conditioning installation is done by our expert technicians with years of experience. 

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We install and service the leading brands in split air conditioning systems. Our technical team provide the best in installation and servicing of most brands of air conditioning units because we want to ensure that you can relax and enjoy, knowing that your air conditioning system is in good hands.

  • Decreased household energy expenditures: The small units are great for households as it still provides the great air conditioning you need while saving you money on utility bills as they don't require as much energy as a ducted system.
  • Extremely easy installation: Split systems don't require extensive duct work, so it's very simple to have a split system installed anywhere in your household with great flexibility options for where you can have both the indoor and outdoor units placed.
  • Great Climate Control: While cooling is the primary focus, a great benefit of a split system is the option for climate control. Providing you with year-round, cost-friendly comfort in the household.
  • Quiet operation: There are many parts that cause noise. Specifically, the condenser and the fan. The advantage of a split system is that the fan and the condenser are located in the outdoor section. Keeping a room cool without the added distraction of loud noise is extremely is a lovely feature for households.
  • Great Flexibility: Individual rooms can be supplied with their own cooling units. This is particularly useful and cost effective for rooms that are rarely used or only used during certain times of the day. 

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  • Great flexibility: You can choose where they are installed, and are great for those "extra hot" rooms that don't receive ventilation very well.
  • Brand features: Each brand of air conditioning unit has their own special features such as climate control, intelligent power saving, night mode, timers and humidity controls.